hg3088平台 study strengthens evidence of link between air pollution 而且 child brain development



“即使是在西雅图或旧金山这样的城市, which have a lot of traffic but where the pollution levels are still relatively low, hg3088平台官方网站发现有较高产前NO的孩子2 exposure had more behavioral problems,” researchers said.奥兰Viriyincy Flickr /

空气污染不仅仅是肺部的问题. 越来越多地, research suggests air pollution can influence childhood behavioral problems 而且 even IQ. A new study led by the hg3088平台 has added evidence showing that both prenatal 而且 postnatal exposure to air pollution can harm kids.

这项研究中, published in 环境al Health Perspectives, found that children whose mothers experienced higher nitrogen dioxide (NO2)孕期暴露, particularly in the first 而且 second trimester, 更容易出现行为问题吗.

研究ers also reported that higher exposures to small-particle air pollution (PM2.5) when children were 2 to 4 years old was associated with poorer child behavioral functioning 而且 cognitive performance.

“即使是在西雅图或旧金山这样的城市, which have a lot of traffic but where the pollution levels are still relatively low, hg3088平台官方网站发现有较高产前NO的孩子2 exposure had more behavioral problems, especially with NOexposure in the first 而且 second trimester,” said Yu倪, lead author 而且 a postdoctoral scholar in the 部门的环境 & 职业健康科学.

Investigating the effects of air pollution on health

hg3088平台环境部 & 职业健康科学 is at the forefront of research into the health risks associated with air pollution, 全世界九分之一的死亡是由什么造成的.

Our research explores how air pollution is associated with a range of health risks—from heart 而且 lung diseases to dementia 而且 Alzheimer’s disease—with a special focus on the impacts on vulnerable populations such as children, 老年人和低收入社区.

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这项研究的数据来自于1,967 mothers recruited during pregnancy from six cities: Memphis, Tennessee; Minneapolis; Rochester, N.Y.; San Francisco; 而且 two in Washington, Seattle 而且 Yakima. Originally, these participants were enrolled as part of three separate studies: 蜡烛, GAPPS 而且 潮汐. The three studies have been combined under a major NIH initiative called ECHO, which brings together multiple pregnancy cohorts to address key child health concerns. 这三个组合被称为 回声路径 财团.

The study employed a state-of-the-art model of air pollution levels in the United States over time 而且 space that was developed at the hg3088平台. 使用参与者地址信息, the researchers were able to estimate each mother 而且 child’s exposures during the pregnancy period 而且 early childhood.

接触不2 和点2.5 pollution in early life is important to underst而且, 倪说, because “there are known biological mechanisms that can link a mother’s inhalation of these pollutants to effects on placenta 而且 fetal brain development.”

此外, 一旦孩子出生, the first few years are a critical time of ongoing brain development as the number of neural connections explodes 而且 the brain reaches 90% of its future adult size, 研究人员写道. 对年幼的孩子, inhaled pollutants that invade deep in the lung 而且 enter the central nervous system can cause damage in areas relevant for behavioral 而且 cognitive function.

“This study reinforces the unique vulnerability of children to air pollution — both in fetal life where major organ development 而且 function occurs as well as into childhood when those processes continue. These early life perturbations can have lasting impacts on lifelong brain function. This study underscores the importance of air pollution as a preventable risk factor for healthy child neurodevelopment,资深作者Dr. 凯瑟琳卡尔, a professor in the hg3088平台 公共卫生学院 而且 医学院的.

更多的 specifically, the researchers found that exposure to PM2.5 pollution was generally associated with more behavioral problems in girls than in boys, 以及PM的不良影响2.5 exposure in the second trimester on IQ was stronger in boys.

“We hope the evidence from this study will contribute to informed policymaking in the future,”倪说. “在减少空气污染方面,美国采取了多项措施.S. 在《hg3088平台》下已经走了很长一段路了, but there are threats to continued improvement in the nation’s air quality. The evidence suggests there is reason to bring the level of air pollution down even further as we better underst而且 the vulnerability of pregnant women 而且 children.”

共同作者包括克里斯汀·洛夫特斯, 迈克尔·杨和玛妮·海兹赫斯特, hg3088平台 部门的环境 而且 职业健康科学; Sheela Sathyanarayana, hg3088平台 公共卫生学院 而且 医学院的; Adam Szpiro, hg3088平台 Department of Biostatistics; Laura Murphy, Frances Tylavsky和W. 阿历克斯梅森, University of Tennessee; Kaja LeWinn 而且 Nicole Bush, University of California San Francisco; 而且 Emily Barrett, 罗格斯大学. This research was funded by the National Institutes of Health through the ECHO-PATHWAYS 财团.


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